Dancing with the devil  33 x 35 cm framed
Danish grey original
Mixed media, collage, acrylic paint and oil pastels
“Man with Drink” 2024
pencil on paper 
210 x 297 (A4) 

Done in original cubist derived style, suprematism, line drawing, modernism. Abstract, human form
Who are you deck
Canvas oil pastels acrylic paint
Canvas oil pastels acrylic paint
Acrylic and oil pastels on A3 canvas
Sold as two paintings A3 canvass and acrylic/ oil pastels
Immerse yourself in the complex world of "Sibling Rivalry", a captivating artwork that explores the intricate dynamics of familial competition through the avant-garde lens of Cubism and collage. 

The faces within the piece are rendered in the Cubist tradition, abstracted and fragmented, offering multiple perspectives simultaneously. This artistic choice disrupts the traditional portrayal of figures, encouraging the observer to engage with the art from different angles, both literally and metaphorically. The central figures—twisted and contorted in shape, with expressions of struggle—mirror the inner turmoil of sibling rivalry and the complex emotions it entails.


“Civil disobedience” Atomic distraction series by Danish Grey 53 x42 cm

“Civil obedience”
Atomic Distraction series by Danish Grey
Experience the compelling narrative of Danish Grey, a mixed media collage infused with acrylic elements that boldly captures the stark contrast of modern indifference amidst chaos.
This piece is meticulously crafted with geometric precision and Bauhaus inspiration, embodying the movement’s iconic principles of form following function and the marriage of art and industry. It’s a striking visual statement that reflects on the complexity of contemporary life, where significant events are overshadowed by the glow of screens.
Part of an evocative series, this artwork transcends the canvas with a unique T-shirt design available exclusively with the purchase of the original. This offer marries the aesthetics of modernist design with the portability of fashion, allowing the poignant message of the series to resonate in everyday life.
Signed Limited edition framed  prints of original artwork by danish grey 

Gods waiting room
By Danish Grey
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“Blueprint of ascent” 
 skateboard art - Acrylics and pen 
Comes with wall mount and screws 

Title: “Blueprint of Ascent”
Medium: Acrylic on Skateboard
Dimensions: Half-size Skateboard
“Blueprint of Ascent” is a visually compelling artwork by an imaginative artist, painted with precision and depth on a half-size skateboard. This piece, which includes wall footings for display, captures the essence of human ambition and the complexity of progress. Divided into a triptych of scenes, it depicts figures engaged in constructing or navigating structures that symbolize the barriers and ladders of societal advancement.
The central panel transitions to a sky blue, where multiple characters work in tandem, reflecting the necessity of collaboration.
Painted with acrylics, the sharp contrasts and the interplay of shadows create a palpable tension, inviting reflection on the personal and collective journeys of striving and overcoming. This piece is not just an artwork; it’s a narrative about the intricate dance between individual effort and communal support.
Cubist seascape by danish grey
Original framed artwork by danish grey
Signed Limited edition framed  prints of original artwork by danish grey 

“What is god? Baby convert me”
Atomic distraction 01 by Danish Grey
Flesh Mandala