‘Eye capture’
‘Driver who was robbed’

Hero or Villain?

An unlikely Saint captured majestically with his weapon of choice by his side. It takes something heroic to change ones situation. It could cost you everything but sometimes its the only way to gain anything. Why fear vilification when everyone loves a heist movie? Dont get me started on Pablo.

A1 -4cm Due to the sawn off edge
‘Man with music complex’
An A5 acrylic painting of a graveyard overlooking the island and headstones in St.Ives Cornwall
Acrylic on board impressionist painting depicting the harbour pier in St.Ives during twilight
Immerse yourself in the electrifying essence of the emerging artist Danish Grey's paintings. Bursting with the raw, emotive energy reminiscent of Basquiat's iconic style, inviting you into a world where art is unapologetically alive and pulsating with expression 

Crafted with a symphony of bold colors and striking lines, this piece captures the spirit of rebellion and the voice of the city and existentialist ruminations. The artist skillfully intertwines symbols, text, and abstract figures, creating a complex narrative that conveys profound social commentary.
 It's an ideal acquisition for enthusiasts of contemporary art and for those who seek to celebrate the indomitable spirit of street art in their own spaces.
Demonic creature + friends in hell - an acrylic piece on a triple-primed canvas
eagle eye
sky blue 
digital art .
Family dinner. Acrylic on 29.7 x 42.0 cm canvas material.
Dinner Time. Acrylic on 29.7 x 42.0 cm canvas material.
Oil painting titled “Iphigénie contemple son avenir” 
Bob Marley.  
I’m Acrylic.  With black painted frame effect.  
Stretched canvas.  30 x 40 cm. By myself Leami.


Silver birch lino print- part of a series
‘RED high jacket’  oil on canvas
Welcoming change..
Acrylics on canvas
Life is all about flux
How we are all woven into one fabric is the idea of this piece that has been created using bold beautiful brush strokes.
Hanging out. Acrylic on 29.7 x 42.0 cm canvas material.
A gathering. Acrylic on 29.7 x 42.0 cm canvas material.
Waiting. Acrylic on 29.7 x 42.0 cm canvas material.
Acrylic artwork 
“Cimarron” 70x70
Tinker.A4  paper
Fantasy individual unique drawing.
Title... signs of time
Always something bigger
Contain the rage
Wood dragon
Dream weaver
Among the clouds
Emotional gateway
Golden orf
I’m in your hands
Cracking up
Bringer of life
Elemental water
Tree of life tattoo
Tattoo moon
Toxic torment
Soul of a dragon
Pieces web
Water dragon
Art genie-ous
River of tears