Ink Painting

The title of this piece of art work is home mug and the type I’ve used to make this is using thin black lines is what it’s called. The reason for this is as you can tell in the drawing the line to make water this is just a regular sketch as you may know.
Gumball and Darwin drawing
Lit SpongeBob drawing🔥
Glitch Bart Simpson
Glitch squidward drawing
Glitch Elmo drawing with posca pens
Fire morty by leelcole
Drippy bowser drawing with paint.
Dream drawing with posca pens.
Title baby giraffe forever love 
A4 print with A3 mount sign and dated by myself Alison cross 
Media don’t by fine ink pens and fine liner pens
Art print
A print of a fine liner drawing I did in 2018 called ‘End Inc.1’.

Looks real nice just blu tacked to ya wall or framed. 

Size: A5
Weight: 260gsm (thicc)
Finish: Smooth Matte 

📫 Postage
All prints are posted in a biodegradable plastic sleeve to keep the print save and sealed in a hardback ‘do not bend’ envelope.

Colours may slightly vary depending on your monitor/phone screen.
The beauty behind the rose
Welsh wild robin in the snow drawn with very fine ink pens and fine liners 
A4 print and A3 mount sign dated by myself Welsh wild robin
Local artist Alison cross in North Wales
Lost love. (Only painted with toothpick and ink)

60cm x 45cm
Alcohol Ink Painting in A4 mount or frame